About Rennhack Orchards Market

David and Joann Rennhack own and operate both Rennhack Orchards Market and Rennhack Orchards LLC (the farm). The farm has been in Joann’s family for several generations. Dave was raised on a multi-generational farm in southwest lower Michigan.

Our History

Dave got an unexpected bonus when he married Joann; after his graduation from MSU in 1978, he came on board the farm of Joann’s parents & grandparents.  We started selling some of our sweet cherries at our little roadside market in 1984.  Over the years, we included more fruits, vegetables, local jams, honey, and maple syrup.  In 2006, we built a large new building, and expanded our season and our product offerings.  Our daughter Zekara has continued a three-generation tradition by marrying Jeremiah, who has come on board to help farm (as Dave did, and Joann’s dad did).

Our Market

Rennhack Orchards Market is our farm retail outlet, where we offer high quality tree fruits and several varieties of vegetables, including our famous sweet corn (picked fresh daily). We raise honeyberries, sweet cherries, tart cherries,apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, melons, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, pumpkins, and squash– nearly all of the fresh fruits and vegetables we sell at the market.

Delicious pies, strudels, tarts, & Asparagus Bread in season from Woodland Farm Market and Breakfast Cookies from Liberty Farms satisfy your taste buds, and Moochies, Ice Cream, cheese & milk from Country Dairy are more local offerings we carry.

We also offer an extensive selection of local and Michigan-made pantry items, including award-winning maple syrup, maple sugar sprinkles, raw honey, dried cherries, jams, salsas, BBQ sauce, mustards, toppings, mixes for breads, pancakes, & cookies, Michi-Gummies, and more.  We carry other Michigan-made and /or Michigan-themed products including handmade aprons and kitchen towels, beautiful wood cutting boards, deer antler pens, air fresheners in the shape of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, oven mitts with maps of Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas, and more.  Assorted cookbooks and other handy kitchen items give you ideas and help when you prepare our fresh produce.

We make unique and useful gift baskets for all occasions.  With our extensive line of pantry items, Michigan-made and Michigan-themed products, we have grab-and-go gift baskets that will fit the occasion and be appreciated by the recipient.  If you plan ahead with Margie, our gift basket guru, she can personalize a custom gift basket for that  special someone, or provide dozens of customized baskets for a special event or as corporate gifts.

If you go to the back side of our market and look at our roof, you will see that it is covered with solar panels.  We try to do our part with renewable energy resources!

Our Farm

Our farm, located just around the corner from our market, is relatively small (about 130 tillable acres). It lies on a gentle, north-facing glacial slope southwest of Hart in Oceana County, only seven miles from Lake Michigan.

We care about our environment, so we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on our farm. Using a combination of methods that work together to combat pests and diseases, we effectively control dangers to our orchards and crops while minimizing disturbance to the ecosystem present in our orchards. We practice soil and water conservation, crop rotation, pheromone disruption, and other methods as part of our overall plan to control pests and improve the environment, and we attend educational programs to learn and improve our pest control techniques.

We regularly gather information about the presence and intensity of pest activity and diseases on our farm. If levels of activity present a threat of significant damage to fruit and plants, we take measures that will effectively control the pest while conserving beneficial organisms present in the orchards.

You can read more about our Integrated Pest Management techniques here.

Our farm is Environmentally Verified through MEAP.  Our Farmstead System and Cropping System have been Environmentally Verified.

Our Purpose

At Rennhack Orchards Market, one of our main goals is to provide our customers with a truly tree-ripened fruit or vine-ripened vegetable that is as fresh as possible.  We strive to use the resources with which God has blessed us to provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables, and local and Michigan-made food and gift items of high quality for your satisfaction.  We value you as customers and friends, and want to be sure you are happy with your purchases.  Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Visit often, sample plenty while you are shopping, and enjoy a lot!