We grow many new and traditional varieties of apples, and have samples at the market so you can try them and find your new favorite! Apples are available at the market as they ripen; don’t miss the tasty early varieties while waiting for the later ones!
For a better understanding of what shelf life means, visit our informative shelf life page!
(Approximate availability shown in parenthesis.)

  • Pristine: (early to mid August). Our first apple to ripen, yellow skin, sweet flavor. Good for eating, sauce; cooks down soft. Very short shelf life.
  • Earligold: (early to mid August). A yellow-green apple, tart and juicy. Good for eating and great for sauce; cooks down soft. Very short shelf life.
  • Paula Red: (mid to late August). Similar to McIntosh, but has a shorter shelf life. Good for eating and sauce. Margie’s favorite sauce apple–cook with skins to make a nice pink applesauce! Tart flavor. Very short shelf life.
    GingerGold®: (late August to early September). A Golden Delicious-type early apple. Sweet flavor. Good for eating and sauce; cooks down soft. Short shelf life.
  • Zestar!®: (late August to mid September). Crisp and juicy sweet-tart apple. A favorite for eating fresh! Short shelf life.
  • SweeTango®: (early September to late November). Great new apple with a satisfying “CRUNCH” and a complex yet harmonious flavor combination, SweeTango® is the sweet and sassy offspring of Honeycrisp and Zestar.
    When you eat a SweeTango®, you’ll eat a great apple every time! SweeTango® is a managed apple variety, which means only select, licensed growers can produce SweeTango® apples. these family-owned orchards are in the right locations so the fruit will grow properly, and quality standards are met during every step of the growing and harvesting process.
    It can take 30 years and 10,000 attempts to find just one great tasting apple such as SweeTango®. The University of Minnesota, which developed SweeTango®, will receive royalty payments from sales of SweeTango® to help fund future research efforts in its apple breeding program. Rennhack Orchards Market in Hart will be your local source of SweeTango® in the coming years! Visit our SweeTango® page for more information about SweeTango® apples.
  • Our Favorite Cooking Apples:  (early September to late November).  The name says a lot, but not all–these are not only great for cooking pies & crisps, with their complex flavor combination, but also wonderful for eating fresh, with crunchy juiciness.  They are grown on Minneiska trees, and are a great choice for budget shoppers, since their appearance doesn’t allow them to command a premium price.
  • Chestnut:  (September).  These small apples pack a big punch of flavor!  We grow them as pollinizers for our SweeTango(R), and have come to really appreciate their eating qualities as well.  Snack-sized, good for lunches, firm & dense with a blend of tart & sweet notes.
  • Honeycrisp:  (early September to late December).  This apple has added a new dimension to the apple-eating experience!  Has an explosively juicy, full-bodied flavor.  Marvelous for eating fresh.  A unique apple that is a real crowd-pleaser.  When cooked, holds very firm slice (unless microwaved first to break down cell walls).  Long shelf life.   New strains allow earlier harvest!
  • Blondee:   (early to late September)  This pretty yellow apple has sweet, crunchy flesh that resists browning.
  • Elstar: (early to late September). Beautiful yellow and red-skinned apple, extremely flavorful, tart-sweet blend. A customer favorite! Great for eating; makes delicious sauce. Yellowish flesh. Cooks down soft. Short shelf life.
  • Jonamac: (early September to mid October). Cross between McIntosh and Jonathan. Closely resembles McIntosh, but has a redder skin color and a longer shelf life. Tart, good for eating and sauce. Cooks to a soft slice. Short to medium shelf life.
  • McIntosh: (early September to late October). Traditional favorite for an earlier tart apple. An old-time favorite for sauce and eating fresh. Cooks to a soft slice. Short shelf life.
  • Gala: (early September to late November). A  sweet apple! A favorite with loyal fans. Beautiful yellow and red skin, very sweet for eating fresh, making sauce, and cooking. Cooks to a soft slice. Dehydrate these for a sweet treat- just slice very thinly and dehydrate until crisp. Medium shelf life.
  • Cortland: (early October to late November). The whitest fleshed apple; wonderful in salads! Makes beautiful white sauce. An all-around favorite for eating and cooking. Flavorful, with a good sweet-tart blend. Short to medium shelf life.  Some find it easier to digest (less acid than some other varieties).
  • Jonagold: (mid September to late December). A very large apple, deliciously sweet with tart undertones because of its parents (Jonathan and Golden Delicious). Great all-around apple; holds slice when cooked. Bigger size means less peeling for pies and crisps. Short shelf life.
  • Empire: (late September to mid December). Cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. Cooks to soft slice. Crisp flesh for eating fresh. Nice for lunch boxes. Medium shelf life.
  • Golden Delicious: (early October to late December). Traditional favorite for a sweet, full-flavored apple. Yellow skin and flesh, firm texture. Good all-around for eating and cooking. Holds a slice when cooked. Medium shelf life.
  • SnowSweet:  (early October to mid November).  This apple has very white sweet flesh and is good for salads, eating fresh, and cooking.
  • Ida Red: (early October to late December). One of the best “keepers”; long shelf life. Traditional all-around favorite tart apple; red skin, white flesh, good for eating fresh and cooking. Holds a firm slice when cooked. Makes a tasty, lumpy sauce.
  • Mutsu (Crispin): (early October to late December). Exceedingly large apple with yellow-green skin and yellowish flesh. Good flavor with sweet-tart blend. Great all-around for eating and cooking. Holds a slice when cooked. Big size means less peeling for pies and crisps. Medium shelf life.
  • Red Delicious: (early October to late December). Dark red apple, very mild flavor. Yellowish flesh. Traditional apple for eating fresh. Not recommended for salads or cooking. Medium shelf life.
  • Fuji: (early October to late December). A very hard, dense apple with extremely long shelf life. Best for eating fresh; stays quite hard when cooked. Sweet, mild flavor.
  • EverCrisp(R):  (late October to July!)  This apple is a cross between Fuji & Honeycrisp, and has the best characteristics of both.  Very sweet and hard, yet juicy and crisp, it has an amazingly long shelf life.  This new apple may become your new favorite!