Fresh Produce

We provide a wide variety of in-season local fresh fruits & vegetables at Rennhack Orchards Market.  We grow most of the produce right on our farm in Hart.

If we don’t grow it, we get it from other family farmers who grow high-quality produce.  Local crops we typically get from other farmers include:

  • asparagus
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • green beans
  • pears

All of the fresh fruits and vegetables for sale at our market are fresh from the farm.

Fruits and vegetables that we grow and sell at our market are listed below.  Click on the name of each item to find out more about the varieties and how we grow them.

To find out when specific fruits and vegetables are in-season, check out our “What’s Ripe When?” page.

Get tips on keeping your produce fresh and find the shelflife of fruits and vegetables.