We will be opening at our normal time of year, June 11, 2020, Monday through Saturday, with extra safety precautions in place.  Special shopping time for seniors & vulnerable populations will be 8:45 to 9:05 each morning.  We plan to have fresh local asparagus, fresh local strawberries if available, and our EverCrisp apples (Dave saved some from last year, & they are crunchy & sweet), as well as local Country Dairy milk, cheese, and ice cream, Liberty Farms organic breakfast cookies, Woodland pies, tarts, & asparagus bread, &  pantry items.

We welcome credit cards, Senior Market Fresh, Project Fresh, & EBT (Snap) cards.  We accept Double Up Food Bucks.  New this summer:  When parents use the P-EBT cards (sent to parents of schoolchildren who are eligible for free or reduced school lunches) to purchase food at our market, they will receive the same dollar amount in Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) tokens.  These tokens can be used for fresh local fruits & vegetables at our  market or other participating Double Up Food Bucks farm markets.  That is doubling the value of the P-EBT card!  EBT cards work the same way, and this year there is no dollar-per-day limit on the amount, thanks to the Fair Food Network, which funds the DUFB program.