First day for our own Honeycrisp apples!

Yum!  Our Honeycrisp are ripe!  Yes, it is early–a farmer discovered an early-ripening Honeycrisp, so after the process of grafting trees from that one,  we were able to purchase and plant a number of trees!  This is the first year we are harvesting them, and we couldn’t be happier!  We know that the wait is long for fresh-off-the-tree Honeycrisp apples, and we are glad to provide them now!  Our market is open 9-6 Mon-Sat, and you can purchase the Honeycrisp by the pound or bag.  When you stop in, be sure to sample from the free samples shelf.  You can munch to find your favorites while you browse the aisles of our market!

Our free samples shelf