Sweet Cherries

We hand-harvest all of our fresh sweet cherries for our market when they’re ripe and delicious. We have many varieties of sweet cherries, each available for about one week in a normal season, extending our sweet cherry season to about four weeks.

Sample before you buy at our market!

Varieties of Sweet Cherries that we grow

Dark Sweet CherriesBlack Sweet Cherries are the type of cherry with dark or red flesh instead of white or yellowish flesh. The skin ranges in color from red to black, depending on the variety. We hand-harvest all of the cherries we sell at the market!

  • Cavalier® (late June). The best early black sweet. Terrific flavor. If you liked Schmidts, try Cavalier®! If you’ve never had Schmidts, try Cavalier®! A very delicious cherry!
  • Ulster (early to mid July). A great cherry- very tasty with firmer texture. Dark red color, flavorful, tends to be larger sized. Resembles Schmidt.
  • Kristen (early July). A new, flavorful variety. Sweet and tasty cherries with dark skin.
  • Hudson (mid to late July). A marvelous, flavorful cherry, firm and sweet! Good for you to ship. Hudsons are “shy” producers, so quantities are usually limited.
  • Regina (late July). Our largest black sweet cherry! Developed in Europe, this is a firm and flavorful cherry. Regina trees yield fewer cherries, but their outstanding qualities are why we grow them. Limited quantities available.

Sweet CherriesLight Sweet Cherries
 have a yellow or yellow and red skin and yellow or white flesh. These are sweet, not tart, cherries. Light sweets stay “pretty” for a shorter time than black sweets, so enjoy them right away. Light sweets look gorgeous when mixed with dark sweets. Take a bowl to potluck, or serve them to your family, or just enjoy them yourself!

  • Emperor Francis (mid July). Beautiful, very sweet cherry. Firmer flesh, yellow skin with a red blush.
  • Other Varieties (as available): We are experimenting with some other light sweet cherries- some so new they just have numbers, not names! Try them at the market when you stop by!

** For tips and information on how you can ship cherries to friends or to your home, please visit our cherry shipping tips page!