SweeTango® Apples

SweeTango® apples are an exciting new variety, developed by crossing Honeycrisp™ (mom) and Zestar!(TM) (dad).  Juicy and sweet, with hints of fall spices, SweeTango’s flavor is balanced by vibrant acidity.  SweeTango® has a satisfying “crunch,” and its complex flavor combination will make your taste buds dance!

When you purchase a SweeTango® apple,  you are assured of its high quality.  SweeTango® is a managed apple variety, which means only select, licensed growers can produce the apples.  SweeTango® apples are grown by members of Next Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative—a 45-member cooperative of respected family growers spread across five time zones from Nova Scotia to Washington State.  The cooperative arrangement helps ensure that quality standards are met, in order to assure a consistently superior eating experience for the consumer.

It can be challenging for consumers to find SweeTango® apples, because this variety is so new that it is grown on young trees which are not yet at their full harvest potential.  West Michigan residents can find SweeTango® apples at Rennhack Orchards Market in Hart.

Dave Rennhack is one of the licensed growers of SweeTango® apples.  Dave has planted over 13,000 trees since 2007, using state-of-the-art high-density growing systems that produce more fruit earlier than older systems.  The start-up cost is much higher for the new growing systems, but the quicker harvests are very satisfying, especially with a great new apple like SweeTango®!

Researchers at the University of Minnesota developed the SweeTango® apple.  The university receives royalty payments from SweeTango® apple sales, which help fund intensive research efforts.  It can take 30 years and 10,000 attempts to find a new great-tasting apple.  For more information about the development of SweeTango® apples, you can visit the SweeTango® website.