Tips for Packing and Shipping Cherries

Tips for Packing and Shipping Cherries

Dark Sweet CherriesCherries are so very good! How can you keep them that way?

Like many fruits, cherries are highly perishable. They will keep the longest when they are cool (refrigerated) and dry. For best keeping quality, buy cooled, unwashed cherries, keep them cool, and wash them just before using them.

We provide unwashed cherries in 20 pound boxes. We can put up unwashed quarts for you if you let us know ahead of time. Washed cherries are just fine for most of us, most of the time, since we’re going to be eating them right away! But remember, NEVER put produce in the trunk of your car (unless it’s air conditioned!).

Shipping Cherries

We can ship small quantities of cherries for you right here from our market. Call us for details.

If you want to send larger quanties of tasty cherries to a special friend who is unfortunate enough not to live here in beautiful Oceana County, here’s how our customers have had the best results:

  1. Purchase an inexpensive cooler (the lightweight, foam kind).
  2. Find a cardboard box for shipping that the cooler will fit in.
  3. Purchase cherries that are unwashed and cooled. Firm cherries ship best.
  4. Pour the cherries gently into the cooler, sorting out any blemished ones that we may have missed.
  5. Put several layers of newspaper on top of the cherries. Put ice packs or ice in zip-type, leakproof plastic bags on the newspaper. Put lid on cooler. (It should be full so that the cherries don’t get bounced around.) Tape the lid on securely.
  6. Place cooler into the cardboard box and send, preferably using a service that will get the box to its destination in two days or less.
  7. For long journeys, you can put ice packs in the bottom of the cooler, then newspaper, then cherries, then newspaper, then more ice packs. This will help keep the cherries cooler.
  8. Or, for the best results, just invite your friend to come and visit you in July!