Tomatoes, Peppers & Eggplant


Our tomatoes ripen late July through late September (first hard freeze). The best quantities for canning are late August to mid September.

We grow tomatoes for early ripening, covering them with low tunnels that act like mini-greenhouses to promote early growth and frost protection. We remove the tunnels after the plants get a good, early start.

All of our tomatoes are staked to maintain higher quality. We hand-pick them when they are vine ripened.


We start our bell peppers under a low tunnel system to increase the heat for good early growth.  We use mulch to prevent weeds, and use trickle irrigation under the mulch.

We grow green and other colors of peppers for variety, and hand-harvest our peppers as they become ripe.


We start our eggplants under a low tunnel system for increased warmth and growth.  We use mulch to control weeds, and install trickle irrigation under the mulch to provide moisture without wasteful evaporation.  We hand-harvest our eggplant when ripe.